Since our establishment, Viridiun has been committed to working with integrity and effectiveness, acknowledging the importance of our employees, and using innovation and technology to facilitate the objectives of our clients.

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Readi-Soil is created from the the very things it grows the way God intended. We gather fruits and vegetables that businesses discard and feed them to an army of hungry worms. These burrowing annelids are essential in burying organic matter and keeping the soil aerated.

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Our mission with ReadiBlend is to divert recyclable organics from landfill and create a sustainable feed to fuel the cattle industry. We determined that food residuals was the ideal component in providing high protein, high energy cattle feed to the marketplace.

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Recycling food waste is as important as recycling other household items like glass, cans and paper. When organic waste is put in landfill it biodegrades and has serious environmental consequences.

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The Viridiun Blog

Green living is more than just a feel-good idea embraced by those living on the fringes. From kids to Fortune 100 conglomerates, residing in the city and the suburbs, people embracing a lifestyle that is founded on the principles of leaving a smaller footprint on this planet.

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